Following laws are applicable on our client acceptance:

Wwft (law for the prevention of money laundering and financing criminal activities) and the Wtt (Supervision of  trust offices). Under these regulations TCS-Group have to follow a strict client acceptance procedure. TCS-Group have to identify their clients and the ultimate beneficial owners, the origin of the cash flows involved and the objectives of the business. This procedure has to be completed before a service agreement can be entered into.

TCS-Group wish to conduct their business operations in a sound and upright manner and work on the basis of a professional handbook that translates all applicable laws and regulations into daily practice. This policy aims to encourage all parties involved at all levels to respect social values in general, and act in accordance with the rules and regulations that apply to TCS-Group in general and more specifically to relevant supervisory laws and regulations. Following this policy also provides the way for procedures which in turn help to prevent violation of rules on integrity or to detect these at an early stage.

TCS-Group work in accordance with the law and will not facilitate corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest or any other form of unlawful behaviour of third parties.

Risk management and transparency are key values.

Remuneration policy

TCS-Groep applies a remuneration policy that has a healthy, stimulating effect and prevents perverse incentives for its employees. TCS-Groep consists of the holding company CSC Netherlands BV and its subsidiaries CSC Governance B.V., CSC Fund Services B.V. and CSC Depositary B.V.

CSC Depositary B.V. is subject to the Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht), including the Financial Enterprise Remuneration Policy Act (Wet beloningsbeleid financiële ondernemingen).

This remuneration policy applies to all employees who work under the responsibility of CSC Netherlands B.V.. Employees are entitled to a fixed remuneration (basic salary including statutory holiday pay). In addition, employees may receive discretionary remuneration such as bonuses. Bonuses are awarded to employees on the basis of company and individual performance. The bonus may amount to a maximum of 20% of the fixed remuneration. None of the employees will receive a remuneration (including any bonus) in excess of EUR 1 million on an annual basis.

For more information about the remuneration policy, please contact us at

We refer you to our Code of Conduct which contains important information for prospective clients. This will be made available to you upon request.

TCS Fund Services

TCS Fund Services

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TCS Governance

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TCS Depositary

TCS Depositary

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